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The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth

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Virginia Slims in a Bottle: Girls, Women and Alcohol Marketing


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Virginia Slims in a Bottle: Girls, Women and Alcohol Marketing

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The Relationship Between Brand-Specific Alcohol Advertising on Television and Brand-Specific Consumption Among Underage Youth New!
READ THE REPORTYouth Alcohol Brand Consumption and Exposure to Brand Advertising in Magazines New!
Read the ReportBeverage- and Brand-Specific Binge Alcohol Consumption among Underage Youth in the US New!
Read the ReportDifferences in Alcohol Brand Consumption between Underage Youth and Adults - United States, 2012 New!
Read the ReportRegulating Alcohol Advertising: Content Analysis of the Adequacy of Federal and Self-Regulation of Magazine Advertisements, 2008-2010 New!
Read the ReportYouth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Television - 25 Markets, United States, 2010
Complete Data TablesREAD THE REPORTUsing Public Health and Community
Partnerships to Reduce Density of Alcohol Outlets

Read the ReportBrand-Specific Consumption of Alcohol Among Underage Youth in the United States
READ THE REPORTExposure of African-American Youth to Alcohol Advertising, 2008 and 2009READ THE REPORTState Laws to Reduce the Impact of Alcohol Marketing on Youth: Current Status and Model Policies
Read the reportYouth Exposure to Alcohol Product Advertising on Local Radio in 75 U.S. Markets, 2009
Read the reportYouth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Television, 2001-2009Read the ReporT

Press Releases

July 29, 2014 New!
Brand-Specific Television Alcohol Ads a Significant Predictor of Brand Consumption Among Underage Youth
READ THE RELEASEJuly 8, 2014 New!
Underage Drinkers Heavily Exposed to Magazine Ads for Alcohol Brands They Consume
READ THE RELEASEJune 12, 2014 New!
Binge Drinking Among Youth Concentrated Among a Small Number of Alcohol Brands; Vodka Often Binge Drink of Choice
READ THE RELEASEMarch 20, 2014 New!
Underage Youth and Adults Differ in their Brand Preferences
READ THE RELEASENovember 14, 2013
Analysis of Alcohol Ads in Magazines Finds Current Codes and Regulations Do Not Protect Consumers from Risky Content and Messages
READ THE RELEASENovember 7, 2013
Alcohol Ads Reaching Too Many Young People in TV Markets across the United States

READ THE RELEASEAugust 28, 2013
Four Alcohol Brands Dominate Popular Music Mentions
READ THE RELEASEAugust 14, 2013
Pilot Study Finds ER Patients Drinking High-Otane Beer
Fewer States Holding Alcohol Retailers Responsible for Harms from Illegal Service

READ THE RELEASEApril 11, 2013
Regulating Density of Alcohol Outlets A
Promising Strategy to Improve Public

READ THE RELEASEFebruary 11, 2013
Underage Youth Drinking Concentrated among Small Number of Brands

Fact Sheets

Alcohol Advertising and Promotion
The Surgeon General's Call to Action To Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking
VIEW THE FACT SHEEtExcerpts from Prevalence of Underage DrinkingView the Fact sheetAlcohol Advertising and Youth
View the Fact sheet

CAMY Washington Update

CAMY Statement on Powdered Alcohol New!
View the statementFTC Orders Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturers to Provide Data for Agency's Fourth Major Study on Alcohol Advertising
View the statementCAMY Statement on FTC's Plans to Study Alcohol Industry's Voluntary Marketing GuidelinesView the statementCAMY Statement on Action by the FDA to Issue Warnings to Manufacturers of Alcoholic Energy DrinksView the Statement

Pediatricians Call for Restrictions on Alcohol Marketing
View the StatementCAMY Statement on FDA Decision to Investigate Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages
View the statement

CDC Funds the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Read the release

FTC Commissioner Calls for Stronger Standards to Shield Youth from Alcohol Advertising
View the statementBeam Global Spirits & Wine Tightens Marketing Standards
Beam's Statement of Voluntary Principles has stronger marketing standards than Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) and Wine Institute.
View the Beam Voluntary PrinciplesView CAMY Press ReleaseWashington Update Archive


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